Hello, Internet.

It’s really not fair that everyone else gets to have a blog where they talk about their wacky lives as a parent and I don’t. Of course, I’m not technically a parent, you see. I live with my friends, who are a married couple and have three young children (Things 1-3 for the purposes of this blog). These children do strange, wacky, facepalmy, and hilarious things on a daily basis. At least three times a day I want to eat them, and at least once a day I want to hug them and never let go.

People keep telling me that the way I phrase things is funny and I should share with more than just my (private) Twitter page and my (private) Facebook. And honestly, I want to be cool like everyone else.

The tales I will regale you with might be from any time during this past year; I feel it’s more important to share the hilarity than to be “timely” or what have you. Plus, I’ve got some gollywhoppers even I wouldn’t believe if I hadn’t lived through them myself. You know you want to read. You just know it.


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