Sometimes I don’t want to eat them.

This morning happened as usual for me, staggering out of bed and not being happy. Why not happy? Flu du jour, been smacked by the Virus of Doom, the entire former Soviet Bloc struggling to eject itself from my lungs in the most unhappy way possible.

Thing 3, who is a toddler, has adopted my wakeup routine sometimes, especially when he comes off a nap. He staggers out, makes a whiny grunty noise at anyone he sees, and goes off to play with toys til he feels better. Me? I usually go pee then go right back to bed. But he learned the “EhhhhhHHHHHHHMMMMMM” groan from me. Making my mark on the next generation!

He heard the grumbling from the office and came in to see me and tell me good morning. The master bedroom TV was set to The Hub and wouldn’t you know it, My Little Pony was on. Now, Thing 2 got into ponies several weeks ago. The bright colours and vector drawing attract him, I think. I love the ponies myself, I’m part of the adult fandom. Thing 3 decided the ponies were awesome earlier this week and every time I ask him what he wants to watch to get him to go to sleep, ponies have won out over the British show about cars.

So I peed and came back out, and there he was, holding the remote out to me because the show had switched to ads. We do a lot of DVRing in this household, so he wanted me to fast-forward and get back to ponies. “It’s live, sweetie, we have to watch the ads. Do you want me to watch with you?” “YEAH!!!!”

So we climbed into the big master bed and watched the episode together, snuggling and being sleepy. Some moments I wouldn’t trade for anything…this is one of them.


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