Upon Thing 1

Thing 1 is really one of the most amazing kids I’ve ever seen. She has perfect pitch and is an imitator of just about anything. A gal after my own heart (I can voice the vast majority of the original 151 Pokemon). She watches Youtube videos like crazy lately, anything that’s flashy and shiny and most importantly, funny. After watching several of these, she has mastered the “faaaaaah-byew-luss!” that has become a stereotypical gay male exclamation. I freaking love it!

She also likes to copy me and the things I say. Which…I really need to watch my mouth. I mean, the kids are smart enough to know that the words the adults in the household say are not to be used by them anywhere outside the house, and they’re not old enough to wield these words, but argh. Miss Adventure is a profane, colourful person, and I swear that’s going to come back to bite me in the butt.

When Thing 1 gets older, she’s going to be the one the kids flock around because of her dry humour and wit. I can just see it now. And she’s going to cuss like a sailor…or me.


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