Thing 1 was just running merrily about the house when she learnt the Big Rule about why we don’t run indoors. Yep, she tripped and got rugburn on her knee and, from what I could tell of the sound, a wall straight into her noggin.

The Daddy dropped everything to come hug her, and I blearily wandered out of my room (I’m ill today) in pure confusion to find both of them sitting on the hallway floor hugging as Thing 1 is doing the top-of-her-lungs wail. Thing 3 comes up, sees his sister crying, and crouches down to hug her, saying “Don’t cry. It’s okay.”

Thing 3 is also the one who is very much made of rubber and as long as you don’t make a big deal of it when he has bumps and scrapes, will “shake it off” and go on with his day.

Sometimes the little ones make me smile.

Of course, then Thing 1 got up, demanded a hug during which she rubbed her face in my shirt (snot!) and then demanded to be allowed into my room (which is a Thing-free zone), which restored everything to business as usual, but for a moment there, it was adorable.


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