Snippits. This is my life, in sound byte-worthy chunks.

Me: Wake up in the morning, go to do the normal morning things, discover someone’s dropped a hairbrush and an entire TP roll in the toilet. …Must be a Monday (Go to other bathroom.)
The Pet Housewife likes this.

Me: …who taught the Things The Viking Song?! ANSWERS, PEOPLE! Explain to me how and why I just heard one of them scream like a Viking?!
The Daddy: Shrek 2 has the song, and it was on the radio in the car the other day. Immigrant Song, btw 😛
Me: Viking Kitten Song, grr.
Longtime Bud: Immigrant Song, off of Led Zeppelin III, 1970. Or, if you prefer, “Viking Kitten Song.” LOL!

Me: The three year old has just appeared at my door on all fours, wearing only his pullup, with a bag of fruit snacks in his mouth. “What in the name of SANITY, son?!” I can’t even.

Me: Why the hell am I awake so early? Oh. Destructakittens. Who push laundry baskets left on the stairs DOWN them and scream while doing so. Grrr. Tea, shower, breakfast.

Me: Had to clean toothpaste off the back of roommate’s head tonight. No idea how it got there. The children are immensely talented.


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