I know that there are a lot of parents of babies and toddlers out there whose parents depair of their ever keeping clothes on. Babies and toddlers just shed everything they can, including their diapers. Well, let me assure you of something–

–it doesn’t get better.

I was watching the Things this evening while their parents were out at the store and such. Thing 1 ended up jumproping with a large stuffed snake wearing her long-sleeve t-shirt and absolutely no trousers. She’d ditched them somewhere. Thing 3 tends to keep his clothes on throughout the day, but Things 1 and 2 will always pitch them if they can find reason to and simply run around in their underroos, or even naked as a jaybird if they think they can get away with it.

So to all of you parents who hope it will get better, I’m very sorry. Because it doesn’t. Heck, even *I* hate clothes. Never can wait for when I’m alone in my room and can ditch them. The next generation just wish to be nudists.


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