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My blogroll is pretty short. Why? Because I have a thing.

That thing is that I don’t like your kicky layout. If I have to click anything more than the “Older Posts” button (a cut in a post every now and again is fine), I am too lazy to put in the effort and I won’t do it. Especially if I have to click for every single effin’ post. Nope. I’m just going to click away and put my reading effort into someone else’s writing effort.


I was in the bathroom earlier and heard The Mommy chasing Thing 3 around. He kept saying “You can’t get me!” and running around the downstairs while she assured him that she could indeed get him. I finished my business, came out of the bathroom slowly (because that door could be very well lethal to an anklebiter) and heard “Can’t get me!” and Thing 3 barreling toward me. I merely put my hand on his head and said “I got you” in a rather deep, deadpan voice.

This apparently freaked out The Mommy because she didn’t know I was in there. I remain perplexed as to how she missed hearing the toilet flush. Thing 3, of course, giggled like a Teletubby and ran off again.


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