Um. What can I say? It’s been awhile. I’ve been mired in doldrums and awash in depression. The Things went to Disney about a month ago now, because they’re Make-A-Wish kids. Yeah, I said it. The Mommy said not to reveal any identifying info about us, but if that’s all you know (and all you WILL know) then it’s not a big deal. Not every Wish Kid is dying of leukemia, or even dying. So.

I had to go out and get a job. Like, a real one. Fuckbuckets. I like it well enough and it’s mindless (customer service) but it doesn’t pay that well and I rarely bob above 25 hours a week. Eh, my life, what can you do about it?

Thing 3 is an absolute trip sometimes. The older Things tend to ignore me when there’s anything else about they could set their Minecraft-fevered little eyes on (seriously, The Church of Minecraft is starting here, I guarantee it), but he tends to go “Hi Missa!” whenever he sees me, regardless of what he’s doing. OMG, that child’s speech. I no longer have to have ten-minute grunt-and-point-no-use-your-WORDS sessions with him. He knows if he wants something out of me, words get it. And they’re actual words instead of just vowel sounds approximating words! I am so proud of him.

Thing 2 is just a trip himself. He…well, The Mommy and I have had a longstanding agreement he’s probably gay just like me (the kid loved play-vacuuming at THREE) but I think he’s just gonna be pansexual. He loves everyone and holy shit, everyone loves him. Like, his teacher had to MOVE HIM from the center of the front row to the end, because fights damn near broke out every day over which little girl got to sit on which side of him. That is how popular my Thing is. He’s also getting a bit more flamboyant in his words and actions, which is great because it means he’s getting more comfy in the neurotypical world, but then there’s the screaming at his sister over Minecraft (of course it’s always Minecraft!)

Thing 1 is a sweetie and she’s really coming into being more of a big sister now. I mean, she’s always watched out for her brothers, but she’s gotten that little zing of a growth spurt where the kid realizes holy shit I’m the biggest and this is responsibility and I’m just really proud of her.

That is all for now.


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